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The 1098-T reflects funds expended for tuition, specific required course fees, technology fees and activity fees. A student must have paid out of pocket or utilized the Virginia 529 program during the previous calendar year to receive a Form 1098-T. Students who received financial aid awards without expending some personal funds are not eligible.

Reynolds Community College must have students’ Social Security Number on file in order to furnish a 1098-T for tax filing purposes. A signed copy of his/her social security card should be attached to a completed IRS Form W-9S in addition to Reynolds’ Form 11-0007 Student Request to Update Information form. Documents should be submitted in person to a campus Enrollment Services Office (click here for current service hours). Photo ID is required.

The IRS tax laws state that all tax documents must be mailed by January 31st. Additional copies of your current 1098-T form or previous years' forms can be accessed on the TRA website at

(Student Accounts > 1098T)

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